Chair Rentals in Colchester CT

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If you're getting ready to step out on your own, then check out Hair Magic Salon's chair rentals in Colchester CT. Whether you're ready for a change or want to be your own boss, you'll feel right at home when you rent a chair at our salon.

The Advantages of Renting a Chair


Independencechair rental colchester ct

When you rent a chair from Hair Magic Salon, you run your own show. Renting one of our chairs is essentially like having your own small business. You have the luxury of setting your ideal schedule, exclusively use products you enjoy, and fine-tune the services you offer.

Earning Potential

The earning potential you receive when renting a chair at our salon is one of the factors our stylists enjoy most. You have the opportunity to earn as much as you can/want in a rental setting. You'll have the chance to bring in any existing clientele and have the chance for new customers too. Having your own niche as a chair renter also allows you to target a specific clientele that works for you without worrying about the salon’s specific target audience.

One-On-One Experience

hair chair rentals colchester ctAt Hair Magic Salon, we believe there's something special about having undivided one-on-one experience with your clients. In most cases, clients feel like they’re receiving better service when they have your undivided attention. When you work alone, there aren’t as much outside distractions, so you can use the appointment time to build a stronger relationship with your client.


Renting one of our chairs allows you to choose your schedule. If you choose, you'll only need to come in when you have scheduled clients. Most of our independent stylists will give their personal number to current and potential clients as well. This way, in the case you're not present in the salone you can still take their calls.

Prepare for the Future

If you're an aspiring salon owner, then renting a chair from Hair Magic Salon in Colchester CT is the ideal place to stay motivated to achieve your goals and dreams. Renting one of our chairs could be the ideal working environment you're looking for. It offers you valuable business experience that can help prepare you to open a larger salon.