Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions  Colchester CTFor the best hair extensions in Northeastern CT, turn to Hair Magic Salon and Academy. Our quality hair extensions add length, color, and highlights to your hair. Visiting our stylists to install your hair extensions ensures a perfect blend with your natural hair. We'll make sure to listen to your vision as well as take into consideration the texture and color of your natural hair.

While anyone can clip in and remove hair extensions, only a seasoned stylist can cut them properly so they blend in with your natural tresses. No one should be able to tell where your hair ends and the extensions begin.

Reasons To Get Hair Extensions

There are plenty of reasons why someone might want to give hair extensions a try. If getting hair extensions is something you have been on the fence about, then here are some reasons that might help you decide to finally try them.

hair extensions colchester ct

Get Yourself in Vacation or Party Mode

One of the best reasons to get hair extensions is to give your hair a glamorous makeover for a vacation or party. If your hair is on the thinner side, or flat, then hair extensions can instantly add the extra body and volume you crave.



Hair Extensions  Colchester CT

Fix A Bad Hair Day

Let’s face it, just about everyone has had a bad hair day or haircut. One simple and quick way to fix that problem is with hair extensions. The seamless way our stylists install our hair extensions makes your hair look amazing. After all, hair extensions can give you beautiful length, body, volume, and style. So, what are you waiting for?

Give Yourself a Mood Booster

Everyone enjoys being pampered. Whether your version of pampering includes a day at the spa or a makeover, there's nothing quite like a beauty treatment to brighten your day. One of the greatest and most long-lasting ways to enhance your mood is with our hair extensions. They can also come with some great highlights and lowlights. Once your hair is transformed into the long, luscious mane you desire, you can bet your mood will instantly improve! It's a for-sure way for an immediate confidence boost.


Hair Extensions  Colchester CT

Properly Blending Hair Extensions

Another signature sign that your extensions don't blend properly is when they don't match your hair color. Who better to match your exact hair color than the stylist that colors it?! Even if you have virgin hair, our stylists can look at the unique blend of shades in your hair and custom-dye your hair extensions to be an exact match.

If you have questions about our hair extensions in Northeastern CT, or if you're a licensed stylist that wants to learn how to properly install extensions-contact Hair Magic Salon and Academy today!

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