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Barber Programs

The modern-day barbershop trend is exploding before our eyes. More and more men are seeking a comfortable space where they can get the full barber experience of grooming, a classic taper or fade style haircut and a relaxing shave performed by a trained, professional barber. Our multi-level program gives you hands-on training in everything from precision haircutting, color and texture to skincare, shaving and grooming. As an added bonus, we also teach you the personal and business skills you need to build a successful career.

 Refresher Courses

Refresher courses allow beauty and hair professionals to go back to school to refresh their knowledge of the basics, learn updated techniques and improve their skills. Professionals with licenses in hair care, esthetics, makeup and nail care should continually update their skills by taking refresher courses because many styles and techniques advance over time. Refresher courses work well for any cosmetology technician, and are especially beneficial for technicians who need to renew their licenses. Contact Hair Magic Salon and Academy today to learn more about refresher courses in Colchester CT.

Advanced Hair Cutting Classes

Who wants a one-size-fits-all haircut? Certainly not our clients, and likely not yours either! In order to give them their own unique style, you need to be skilled in all components of cutting and understand when and how to use them. Skillfully led by our master stylist, the Advanced Cutting class begins with a razor-sharp consultation, perfects your cutting technique and introduces you to the finishing touches that make your clients happier than ever. After this course, you’ll return to your salon brimming with ideas to inspire your clients and fellow stylists.

Corrective Color Classes

Hair Magic Academy's corrective color classes are for licensed stylists looking to extend their knowledge to provide extra services for clients. Featuring live tutorials from CT's most respected color specialist, this class is one you definitely want to add to your repertoire. Every tutorial builds on the previous one to help you develop your corrective color skills until you fully master and understand the concepts and techniques required to repair any hair problem. Before you know it, you'll be a go-to stylist to rescue client’s hair from previous treatments. Using a combination tutorials, the courses demonstrate theory and practice.

Advanced Color Classes

advanced color course colchester ct
Unleash your imagination

 Through Hair Magic Academy's advanced color classes, you'll learn the most innovative, alternative and refined hair color techniques in the world of colorimetry. Our master stylists will teach you to define shapes and volumes in cutting lines through the creation of tailored hair coloring effects. We'll help you unleash your imagination and creativity into the world of color. During the course, you'll get to experiment on how to create a color starting with its chemical composition. Through the lab, you'll learn all about color composition starting from the client consultation and the result they want. 

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